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Eclectic House Kitchen

MyMyMy Architecture is a Canberra based architecture and interior design firm. Focusing on high quality, well crafted and sustainable  architecture accross residential, commercial and hospitality sectors.

The use of angles was a design response to difficult site conditions and the clients undefined interest in the aesthetic of small lot Japanese urban housing form.

What followed, in a conservative Australian suburb, was the creation of a very unique dwelling.


Meticulously and sustainably constructed from a range of recycled materials, this eclectic, well constructed home demonstrates a love of design and attention to detail.


There is a holistic approach to sustainability, a consideration and emphasis placed on how old and somewhat generic materials can be transformed into new life.

Kamburu is a Ngunnawal term for "tree shadows" or "under the shadows of trees."

The house design and relationship between architecture and landscape is of primary importance. The project is an example of the sustainability that is created through carefully considered long lasting architecture.

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